Permesso di soggiorno


One of the perks having an Italian husband is i am eligible for a spouse residency know as a permesso de soggiorno* in Italian ( This gives me freedom to work and travel within the Shezgen region for over the usual visa timeframe of 3 months but under 5 years.

The ย application process is fairly straight forward, to begin we headed to the local post office ( postora ) and asked for the pds* kit

Itโ€™s important to do this right away as you have 8 days from entering the country to submit this application, and it might take a day or two to fill out!

There are two bookets to complete, book one asks you details such as your address in Italy ( we used a friends as we have yet to find long term accomodation- you need this as you will be contacted to arrange an interview via this address. It also asks what type of permesso you are applying for;

Permesso de soggiorno/Carta de soggiorno.ย Booklet two only applies if you are currently employed

Things you will need;ย You must have your passport photocopied ( photo of entry stamp received at custom clearing too ) two pages in total

Note- because my selection is through family ( my husband ) his passport also needs to be photocopied and submitted.Go to the local tobacconist to buy a marco de bolo ( tax stamp ) โ‚ฌ17.ย Place this on page one of doc one

Once you have completed the forms head to the CAF ( this is where you will get assistance before submitting your application to the post office.ย 

From here you head to the post office and submit your kit. This process takes about 10 minutes, and will cost your approx โ‚ฌ60, you will then be issued with a receipt outlining the time and date for your offical interview with the Police station ( this was a four month wait for me, so be patient) the receipt will be your temparary residency document in the interim โ€“ so keep it somewhere safe!